Our Rooms

Our rooms are safe, warm and comfortable spaces. Each room is designed with the knowledge that children are at different stages of their development. To help encourage this further, we have 6 rooms which cater to separate age groups each with their own perks in order to encourage development for the children. Holiday care also available 8am-6pm.


Our Nursery room is a safe, warm, and comfortable space which has been designed with the needs of the smallest children considered. We have a variety of soft furnishings, brightly coloured equipment, and a wide range of interesting toys to stimulate and interest the babies in this room. All staff are fully qualified and First Aid trained. Our Nursery room has an adjoining sleep room as well as an adjoining changing room ensuring all of your little ones needs are met.

Age: 3 – 14 months


Our Wobbler room is a hive of activity for busy toddlers! It is a spacious and bright room which offers a variety of interesting spaces and activities for children to engage in. Here, we also have an adjoining sleep room as well as an adjoining changing room. All staff and qualified and First Aid trained; team members design a care curriculum which is age and stage appropriate so as to nurture and promote development. Children have regular access to our large and safe garden, ensuring all their needs are met.

Age: 15 months – 2 years


Children in our adventure room are busy exploring, playing and making friends! The spacious and bright room offers a variety of interesting spaces and activities for toddlers to engage in. Featuring changing room, safe garden, as well as a separate playroom with various toys to stimulate their senses.

Age: 2 – 2.5 years


Our Preschool rooms are designed with busy preschoolers in mind. As these children are preparing for stepping into “Big School” we place special emphasis on encouraging children to be comfortable in managing their own belongings, having freedom to choose toys and activities, and of course learning in a child centred and nurturing space. Our Preschool curriculum is play based with elements of the Montessori approach included.

Age: 2.5 years plus


We provide Afterschool care for children in the local primary school in Kilcullen from Junior Infants to Sixth Class. We provide a wraparound care system providing morning care before school and transport to school, and collection from school in the afternoons. We have our own minibus and offer escorted travel to and from the school. Children have a hot meal and activities in the afternoons. We also provide full daycare when schools are on holidays.

Ages of kids = 4 years plus

Time of day = 8 am-9am/1:30-6:00pm

Days of week = Monday to Friday

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